Playing Lessons With Bob May

The chance to play 18 holes to work on your game with a renowned PGA Tour player is exciting in and of itself. But when that player is Bob May, who famously pushed Tiger Woods to a three-hole playoff in the 2000 PGA Championship at Valhalla, and the course is Waikoloa Kings’, the experience is even more special.

The playoff ultimately went to Woods, but the golf world never forgot May’s tenacious play that day. As you go around the course with May as your mentor and instructor, you’ll understand why he was so well respected on Tour, and why his extensive knowledge of the swing is sought after and prized today. And if you ask, you’re sure to get some great stories along with expert swing coaching.

May is a proponent of the “swing the handle” method of teaching, which he learned as a junior golfer in Southern California, where at age 11 he began taking lessons from the legendary “Little Pro,” Eddie Merrins, at Bel-Air Country Club. Merrins saw something special in the young man, as he devoted every Sunday morning to giving May lessons.

“The method I teach, which I learned from Little Pro, is simple, but effective. It is, ‘swing the handle, not the club head,’” May said. “If you get your hands set on the club the right way, and move it with the right muscles, which are the forearms, it’ll get you in the right position without really thinking about it. It will naturally happen. The big muscles follow the forearms. The forearms are connected to the hands which are connected to the handle. If we get the handle moving with the forearms, everything else is going to follow.”

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