Family Golf at Waikoloa

A family trip to Hawaii is a glorious time for new experiences, quality time for all and more importantly, memory making. There are so many things to see and do which makes trip planning a dizzying array of decisions. An all-day trip to the volcano and ocean fun rates high on the list for the entire family, but what do the guys do when the girls want to spend a buffing and polishing at the resort spa, or what everyone else does when Dad is stuck in a conference room all day?
Waikoloa Beach Resort Golf has a wonderful option for those times when the family divides up or comes together for a few hours before gathering for dinner in the evening. It’s called Waikoloa Family Golf. Geared toward families who are avid golfers back home and want to enjoy a few holes or perhaps introduce the sport to the kids in a setting that is enjoyable, non-competitive and exciting.
Introduced with the idea of giving families another option to enjoy Hawaii together, Waikoloa Family Golf has become quite popular during spring break when the weather at Waikoloa is perfect and the PGA tour is in full swing. The combination offers youngsters a relevant vacation experience which can plant the seeds for a budding golfer or translate into a deeper appreciation of the world of professional golf. It offers golfing parents an opportunity to enjoy the ambiance of this beautifully maintained course without the scorecard angst.
Very affordable for families, Waikoloa Family Golf offers nine holes on the Kings’ Course beginning at 3:30 in the afternoon every day. Rates for adults is $50, the rental for a sparkling set of Nike clubs are $25. Kids 6-17 years are $25 which includes a complimentary set of clubs.
It’s a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the lifetime sport of golf in a safe and luxurious and enjoyable setting. Book early because tee times are first come first served. For more information or to make a tee time call the golf shop at (808) 886-7888 .