A Golf Day in Hawaii Nei



Awaking to gentle trade winds, flower scented air, chirping birds and sunny skies may make most think they have died and gone to golf heaven, but however dreamlike it can be a golf day in Hawaii Nei can be a day when those drives fly like a raptor and that putter can have a mystic and magnetic attraction to the pin.

There are many courses on the Big Island that offer golf experiences that are remarkable, but for a beautifully stellar experience the courses a Waikoloa are a must. Affordable and comfortably casual, the experience starts with a quick and easy tee time reservation by the friendly folks at the pro shop. The very best bet for those seeking golfing nirvana is the Multiple Round Packages which are offered in 2, 3, or 4 rounds. But a great tee time and a shiny set of fancy clubs are hardly enough to reach a soulful experience at Waikoloa. So expect complimentary resort shuttle at your disposal, full use of the practice facilities and much more.

Waikoloa golfers have a choice of two courses. The more popular of the two is the Waikoloa Beach Course. Strikingly beautiful, velvety greens contrast with azure blue of the Pacific Ocean and the black lava outcroppings counter the foamy crashing waves. Many believe that surely this is the gates to the golf kingdom. However, caution is advised since a formidable challenge lies just under the surface of this 18 hole beauty especially from the back tees.

The Waikoloa Kings’ Course is also an experience with majestic mountain views. Along with native wildlife, thoughtfully placed lakes, lava fields and native vegetation enhance your uniquely Hawaiian golf experience. Many find that the Kings’ course does well for those who are more calculating in achieving perfection, as well as those who are less interested in scenery as opposed to the challenge at hand.

So whether you prefer a scenic stroll into golf dreamland, or a more methodical approach to golf bliss, there are choices to satisfy your mood, your pocketbook, your ability and most of all your dreams.



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The Game Gods of Waikoloa Golf

No doubt a day on the course is by far one of the most exhilarating experiences a well handicapped golfer or the occasional player can have during a Hawaii vacation. Endless views, sunny skies and gently breezes and unhurried play is the expectation and the stellar pair of Waikoloa golf courses, does not disappoint.

However, many find that their “A” game gets lost amidst jet lag, a change in elevation and latitude resulting in a round that amounts to something not worthy of writing home about.

Waikoloa Golf has a solution for the hoards of golf challenged. First off, the facilities are absolute perfection. There is a putting green that is so meticulously manicured you will wonder if it is in fact real and not turf of some sort. The bunkers are laid out to provide practice from angles not before thought possible in high school geometry class and a chipping area that is an approachable zone to infuse control behind your bump and roll.

Many come to our PGA professionals with complaints of drives that thud instead of sing; others complain that their chip is not chipper and that their putts putter out. But the Waikoloa Golf gods have the power to save you from golf hell and make your spirits soar like a 400 yard drive.

It all starts by calling the Pro Shop and arranging your personal one-on-one time with anyone of several PGA pros at Waikoloa Golf. The experience begins when you meet your personal shaman who will begin by assessing your ability and skill. Keep an open mind because rising to a spiritual level in golf is best achieved when energy moves freely and positively with the assistance of expert guidance.

Your experience can be scheduled at your convenience in 30 minute increments. A PGA pro assessment and hands on coaching will commence to re-engineer whatever ails your game and if it’s your heart’s desire, some time on the course with your personal golf god can be arranged. Contrary to popular belief, golf epiphany is affordable, effective and most of all fun for players of all skill levels. Now, that’s something to write home about.

Click here to learn about our PGA Staff at Waikoloa Golf

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Mauka and Makai at Waikoloa Beach & Kings’ Golf Courses

Wide open spaces and endless views are just one of the joys of playing at the Waikoloa Beach & Kings’ Golf Course. Located on the sunnier west side of the Hawaii’s largest and youngest island, players are often stunned by 18 holes of play that are hardly carved out of primal rainforest but offer a different kind of beauty.  

The views towards the mountains, or mauka as they say in the islands, are extraordinary. From the Kings’ Course, clear days bring views of no less than four of the five volcanoes on this ever growing island. On a similar day during the winter months there are glimpses of snow covered peaks of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. It’s a contrast that is not lost on those who embrace the magnificent panorama just steps from sandy shorelines, tropical palm trees and cool trade winds.  

Many arrive on the island of Hawaii with expectations of a shoreline cut out of dense tropical foliage and canopied rainforests. However, reality is much more luxurious than wild and untamed. The Waikoloa Beach Resort is beautifully landscaped and maintained. From the moment one makes the turn from Queen Kaahumanu Highway, the expanses of black barren lava fields melt into shaded roadways and manicured landscaped vistas than embrace the two courses at the Waikoloa Beach Resort. Wild exotic animals including wild indigenous and protected Nene geese roam the fairways.  

Then there are those spectacular makai or seaward views. Golfers often marvel at how vast the ocean is from the Waikoloa Beach Course fairways. Many players comment on how insignificant it makes one feel and even less significant if one should lose a ball to the wild surf that crashes relentlessly on black lava rock.  

The clearest days are always a treat at Waikoloa Beach Resort. Those are the days when a glimpse of the summit of Haleakala on the island of Maui as it peeks out over the Alenuihaha channel. On winter days, golfers may be distracted by breaching humpback whales that arrive in droves to relax, recreate and reproduce in warm Hawaiian waters. Even on an ordinary day, golfers will be delighted by playful wild dolphin pods so close and sometimes so vocal, one might think they are purposely trying add a stroke to a game.  

A visit to the Waikoloa Beach & Kings’ Golf Courses is more than just a round of golf. It’s an opportunity to breathe in the sea scented air, soak up the panoramic beauty of an island that is still growing and evolving. It’s an to encounter life other than human and to live in the lap of luxury or manicured perfection.

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Winged Wildlife at Waikoloa

Arriving at the pro shop and practice range golfers are greeted with huge doses of aloha spirit, smiling faces and sparkling golf carts lined up at the ready for an enjoyable day on the course. However, a tee time at Waikoloa Golf Course comes with more than great anticipation and a perfectly groomed course. It is a gathering ground for some of Hawaii’s most precious and interesting wildlife.

About the size of a typical robin, the brownish-black bird with bright yellow beak and eye markings are found all across the islands. Native to India and South East Asia, the Mynah is one of the most curious and fearless birds on the course. Found in small groups, they will linger near tee boxes and probe for a snacks insistently. Extremely territorial and domineering, gangs of these birds will start a large raucous brawl with other mynahs anywhere and won’t cease for a tee shot.

A sighting of a black crowned night heron is a remarkable treat for Waikoloa golfers. The ‘Auku’u is an odd combination of yellow hues chicken legs, a white belly throat, cheeks, and a narrow black crown that extends over the eyes to a narrow bill. Indigenous to Hawai’i, this bird can be found foraging along shallow water hazards. Not shy of golfers, this strong and silent bird is definitely worth a stop for a photo or two.

The bird to be on the look out for is largest found on the course. Endemic to Hawai’i this creature at first encounter resembles and sounds like a Canadian goose. However, the feet of the Nene are clawed with less webbing to traverse rough lava rock fields. Once near extinction, these birds have enjoyed a gradual increase of numbers, but are still protected from anyone approaching, harassing, feeding and otherwise hurting or disturbing them. Any injuries to these animals are required to be reported with investigations and fines that follow quickly. The Nene is the not only the official state bird of Hawai’i, but it is beloved and cherished by islanders.

A day on the course at Waikoloa not only is an enjoyable day of challenging golf for novice and experienced golfers, it is an opportunity to enjoy some of Hawaii’s wonderful winged creatures.

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Waikoloa Golf – Kings’ Club Membership

An upscale setting under sunny skies with an abundance of panoramic views is what makes Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii a popular destination resort. People from all over the world come to enjoy the heady allure of sun, sea and sky laced with Hawaiian hospitality. However, Waikoloa Beach Resort is a haven for golfers of all skill levels. And those who seek a day on the course find that this luxury resort offers some of the best golfing on the island.

The Waikoloa Beach & Kings' Golf Course has been the course of choice for islanders for many years. Hosting collegiate and corporate tournaments, the courses are a gathering spot for the community. We’re a favorite for the visiting golfer, a resort course treat for locals, and a neighborhood course for area residents.

Those who make the Waikoloa Beach Resort their home seasonally or permanently, and prefer to have more than an occasional relationship with the gorgeous Waikoloa courses, will be happy to know that an exclusive Kings’ Club Membership Program will propel the simple golfer into a links master.

There are two memberships programs and both offer a long list of social and golfing perks that include immediate family members, and in the case of Gold members golf privileges for their overnight guests.

The privileges are numerous and include:

 Club Concierge Service

  • Preferred Pricing on the Beach & Kings’ Golf Course
  • Accompanied Guest Privileges
  • No Assessments
  • Complimentary use of Practice Facilities
  • Merchandise Discounts at the Golf Shop
  • Food & Beverage Discounts at the Kings’ Grille
  • Invites to Exclusive Member Activities
  • Resort Discounts

Those who swear by a find that a stroke of a pen can improve your swing, bring an entire new dimension to the joy of golf with new friendships, enticing events not to mention a grand resort golfing lifestyle.
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